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The Dark Side of the City – Urban Demons

An increasingly frenetic world where illusion, confusion, fear and uncertainties reign. Organized crime is expanding more and more. Governments are reigned by supranational powers, pandemics reign on planet earth. Artificial intelligence has taken over, now the future of men is compromised. The peoples are subdued, exploited and enslaved. Man is forced to become only an end in himself. Modern technologies become a method of control and instrument of wars of humanity. Climate change is destroying much of the planet. Toxic and ordinary waste is poisoning waters, oceans, forests and countryside. Migrants and refugees will continue to arrive from all continents, there will be more and more landings on the coasts of industrialized countries. Most men will become poorer and poorer and will live boxed in skyscrapers. Man will tend to become increasingly consumerist and ignorant directing his nature towards lust and pleasure. Think that money is an end and not a means. In many cities total chaos reigns, demonstrations, protests, clashes between demonstrators and the forces of order. A third world war is at risk, being provoked after the 'cold war' between the United States of America and the Soviet Union: Provocations after the fall of the Eastern countries and the Berlin Wall in 1989. From NATO (Alliance) the promises never kept. NATO bases ever closer to Putin's Russia, the West sending more and more sophisticated weapons to Ukraine, the war is prolonged by provoking a nuclear war. Systematically.


These are my urban demons, my anxieties, my fears, my dark sides.

London. The Clapham area is in a more advanced state of gentrification than Brixton, where there are still run-down areas and it's best to avoid sneaking in. The area is full of bars and restaurants open until late at night. The streets are always well lit. Are there people around at that time? And what kind of people? This often involves making detours to avoid unsafe spots. The atmosphere, however, tilts… He chooses to pass by Clapham Common, a large public green area, which in good weather becomes the heart of the district, filling up with picnic cloths and people sunbathing in their bathing suits.

There are no horses or even oxen, but large black and white cars parked in front of a cafe near the park entrance. Hmm, the situation looks suspicious on the surface. A middle-aged man in a dark suit and a Borsalino hat from the 1920s gets out of a big black BMW. Why is he heading into the park? Who will he meet?

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